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2023 Evening of Excellence

2023 Evening of Excellence

An annual tradition sponsored by Avon Education Foundation, the Evening of Excellence is a celebration of the Avon High School graduating class. It features the top 25 students by academic rank, and each of them honors two of their favorite educators. They choose a teacher from their k-8 experience and one from their high school years.

It's an incredible event.

The 25 students (in alphabetical order) and their honored educators are:

  • Emily Ahern: Chris Guillion, Kevin Welborn
  • Jacob Branham: Judy Harrison, Amanda Leahy
  • Noah Bussell: Sarah Van Duzer, Matthew Payne
  • Jasmine Diallo: Lori Taylor, Liviu Paul Haiducu
  • Julia Harmon: Lori Kennard, Abby Neal
  • Abigail Hatfield: Barrett Hartley, Karl Hartman
  • Joshua Heitert: Laura Burkhart, Lauren Patton
  • Fiona Ko: Katie Bonilla, Lisa Kern
  • Katherine Langford: Lori Rosemeyer, Kayla Karr
  • Jonathan Loh: Sara Yambert, Kesara Becker
  • Ian Lynam: Ben Jones, Caitlyn Steckbeck
  • Kavya Mahajan: Holly Barker, Ranielle Moore
  • Jackson McCarthy: Lowell Miller, Matt Harloff
  • Bailey Nicholson: Marcy Sell, Sarah Fowler
  • Victor Ogunsanya: Rebecca Milner, Callista Keeney
  • Chinmay Patel: Ryan East, Andrew Johnson
  • Raj Patel: Malari Williams, Anthony Record
  • Roshan Patel: Stan Storey, Timothy Titzer
  • Dana Peng: Warren Johnson, Heather Meunier
  • Christopher Quinney: Matt Abbey, Daniel Derda
  • Sohaib Qureshi: Kimberly Shambaugh, Alex Prittie
  • Matthew Ritter: Amy Nisenbaum, Rashad Welch
  • Maxwell Stewart: David Rodgers, Chris Hill
  • Zainab Syed: Pamela Cintas, Erin Garland
  • Faith White: Cory Falk, Adam Clark

With Teacher Appreciation Week approaching on May 8-12, we thought it would be appropriate to share the slide deck from the evening. It features each of the 25 graduates and their comments about their honored educators.

Grab a cup of coffee. Find a comfy chair. Give yourself some time to read about these students, what they've accomplished during their time in Avon Schools, their plans for the future, and the educators who have made the biggest difference in their lives.

Evening of Excellence Slides