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The Library Minute with Carter

The Library Minute with Carter

Avon students love their school libraries. In each issue of Oriole Blast, we feature a book review by an Avon student. Maybe they'll get you hooked on a book.

My name is Carter. I'm a student at Hickory Elementary School. This is my review of Diary of a Wimpy Kid: The Long Haul by Jeff Kinney. 

I recommend this book because it's funny and it's like a chapter book but with fun pictures. It's pretty realistic fiction and there are some good twists and turns in this story, so I give it 5 stars. My favorite part is where it talks about how Greg misunderstands a sign while at work with his grandpa that says, "People under 40" must be with an adult." He thinks it means 40 years old, not 40 inches tall!

If your child is inspired to check out this recommendation, they may get it from their school library, by visiting our friends at the Avon-Washington Township Public Library or by picking up a copy online.