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Your February '24 ALL Stars

Your February '24 ALL Stars

Each month, you have the chance to nominate any Avon Schools employee who you feel embodies our mission: ALL belong, learn, and grow. In February, you nominated 37 individuals and we have shared your encouraging comments with them.

Here's just a sample of your comments about the many ways these ALL Stars make our mission a reality:

  • She goes above and beyond to work with all students and meet their needs on every level. She is kind, proactive, and patient. She is a team player and helps with any situation. Alex is an asset to our school, our district, and our community. She makes a difference.
  • [He] is a wonderful young man with a lot of potential. The kids love him. He will help in any way that I need help in the kitchen and cafeteria. Sometimes the kids will say, "Will you help me?" and he will go right over and help them. There are days he will go above and beyond his work expectations. I have really enjoyed having him work with me.
  • [She] is a consistent substitute teacher at Sycamore and she is AMAZING! It's great to have a substitute teacher in our building who the kids know just by the frequency of her being here and making her presence known at Sycamore. ... She is flexible, dependable, and many times, a true life-saver!
  • [Her] commitment to ensuring ALL belong, learn, and grow extends beyond our students and reaches our staff, families, and guests in the building.
  • He created a really nice relationship with all his students, he helped me understand math, and he gave me someone to talk to when I needed it.
  • She is a very caring person and takes the time to get to know her students/riders, making for a better bus ride.
  • Not only does she embody what a great teacher is - knowledgeable, hardworking, looking for the best ways to help students - but she also goes above and beyond to help students achieve their goals and feel safe.
  • [He] provided translation support during an enrollment appointment when the scheduled translator failed to appear. Since the family didn't speak English, his assistance was instrumental in avoiding a rescheduling of the appointment, which would have delayed enrollment. His readiness to help not only expedited the student's enrollment but also contributed to fostering a more welcoming environment for this new Avon family.

We are grateful for each of our ALL Stars. Be sure to watch for the March nominations to open. Let's keep the positivity and encouragement flowing! 

February '24 ALL Stars

Alba Blanco, Cedar Alex Smock, Pine Tree Allison Javit, AIS East
Amanda Morey, Maple Amber Klein, AIS West Amy Jones, Sycamore
Amy Kondas, River Birch Andrea Blum, Cedar Anna Jones, Maple
April Rodriguez, Transportation Blake Battin, Technology Briana Stonitsch, Hickory
Brogan Austin, AIS East Brooke Bowling, Maintenance Carissa Wooden, Maple
Carrie Dahmer, Cedar Carrie Hood, AMS South Chad Seals, AHS
Chris DeVaney, AMS North Chris Hill, AHS Christy Shepard, Sycamore
Clara Fox, Maple Deb Thompson, Maple Delmi Cruz, Cedar
Djegui Doucore, Cedar Elizabeth Stone, Maple Emily Moscrip, White Oak ELC
Erica Micheel, AHS Fredrick Counce, White Oak ELC Heather Gillam, White Oak ELC
Ian Keller, AMS North Jennifer Keener, White Oak ELC Jennifer Miner, Maple
Jess Elkins, Maple Jody Williams, Sycamore Julie Stevens, Maple
Kari Schilling, Maple Kastonia Gray, White Oak ELC Katie Bonilla, Sycamore
Kayla Kuepper, Hickory Kelly Allen, Cedar Kendall Theile, Sycamore
Kevin Gray, Cedar Kim Rogers, Cedar Kristen Burleson, White Oak ELC
Kristin Ferrin, Cedar Kristy Lynch, Maple Lauren Ober, White Oak ELC
Luann Heiss, AIS West Mandy Giles, AIS West Maureen Rondinella, AIS West
Megan Gain, Maple Megan Gregory, Cedar Megan Lofgren, AIS West
Melinda Stinnett, Pine Tree Melissa Leeke, Maple Nelly Bonilla, Cedar
Nicole Harris, Sycamore Nikki Harrison, Maple Rachel Beard, Maple
Rebecca Hawkey, White Oak ELC Renee Moore, Maple Riley Herrin, Hickory
Robin Britton, Maple Ron Dellacca, AHS Sarah Altman, Sycamore
Sarah Grant, River Birch Sarah Hornback, River Birch Sarah O'Brien, AIS East
Shannon Sturm, AMS North Sharol Todd, Maple Sharon Harris, Sycamore
Sharon Howell, Sycamore Shaun Linn, AHS Stacey Herr, AMS North
Staci McDonald, AIS West Stephanie Fetzer, Hickory Stephanie Hulett, Cedar
Stephanie Wigger, White Oak ELC Traci Scudder, Admin Center Vanessa Fudge, AIS West
Victoria Allen, Avon Academy Zayda Hagans, Cedar